Al Hamdulillah the propagation of oneness of Allah and Sunnah (Character and practical life of Prophet MSWS) for welfare and unity of Muslim community, the work was started under the organization of “Isha’ath e Islam” Hyderabad, adjacent to Hazrath Ujale Shah Rahmathullah Aliah Mosque, Saeedabad, Hyderabad in 1984. Later Al Haque educational and welfare society was formed and registered under the societies act in January 1992 to have a wide space for functioning to educate and preaching of Islam for daily practice in life according to Sunnah (Character and practical life of our Prophet Muhammad SWS) in the present irreligious, seduced and mislead state of Muslim Community particularly in new generation. The name of the Society has been changed as “ Alhaque Educational Society” in July 2017 due to some administrative reasons. The society has mobilized religious and modern education and tried to strengthen the community to prepare for eternal life.