Executive Board Members
Maulana Mohd.Yousuf President Maulana Muhammad Yousuf, PresidentReligious Preacher & well known personality in the community.
Mohammad. Mumtaz Khan Muhammad. Mumtaz Khan Vice President
Mohammad. Abdul Raoof Muhammad. Abdul RaoofVice President Founder Member Agriculture and Poultry Farming
Mohammed Kamil Arshad Vice President Mohammed Kamil Arshad Vice PresidentFounder Member, Retd. U.D.C. APSE Board
Ghouse Mohiuddin Ghouse Mohiuddin General Secretary
syed khaja moizuddin Syed Khaja MoizuddinJoint Secretary
mohammed-yousuf-saleem Mohammed Yousuf Saleem Joint Secretary
mohammed-abdul-qadeer Mohammed Abdul Qadeer Treasurer Founder Member
Other Executive Committee Members
1. Mohammed Abdul Rasheed
2. Sabir Pasha
3. Khaja Moinuddin
4. Mohd. Shaik Hyder
5. Khaja Moin Ali
6. Mohd. Faseehuddin (Mumtaz)
7. Mohd. Waseeuddin
8. Mohd. Mahmoodul Hassan
9. Mohd. Qutubudin Ghori

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